Structural savings on your outgoing document flow

Would you like to be able to bring structure to the complex flow of outgoing communication and save on your production and sending costs? DocMinds from AddComm can do that for you.

DocMinds: The powerful document management system

DocMinds is an extraordinarily powerful document management system. It can help you bring structure to a wide variety of outgoing information, including marketing campaigns, correspondence, invoices and overviews. Via print and post, but also using other distribution channels like e-mail, online archiving and SMS. DocMinds brings everything together in one user-friendly system.  

How DocMinds works

With DocMinds we can link your source systems to a user-friendly and innovative document management system. You yourself remain in control of the production and sending of your documents and also their content and design. You can choose the distribution channel that best suits your needs per target group: Physically via print and mail, or digitally via e-mail, SMS and web presentation. DocMinds also allows you to print at your own location.

The benefits of DocMinds via AddComm

  • Structure in all of your outgoing communication
  • Total control of production and sending
  • Multichannel in one solution
  • Saves on time
  • Lower costs

DocMinds in practice

Find out what other leading organisations have achieved this with DocMinds in the practical cases.

Make the switch to DocMinds

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