Practical solutions for multichannel communication

Print & Mail

Our communications are outstanding and customised from design to print and sending. Read more about personalised mailings with Print & Mail from AddComm. Read more about personalised mailings with Print & Mail from AddComm.


Set up your own DM campaign in a fast, simple and effective manner, including letters, e-mail and SMS messages using your own design. Read more about personalised multichannel DM campaigns using Web2Connect from AddComm.


Bringing consistency and structure to all your outgoing correspondence will save on production and distribution costs. Read more about the multichannel document management system DocMinds from AddComm.


Easy sending of invoices, bank transfers, reminders and other financial documents via Print & Mail, FiNBOX or DigiAccept. Read more about multichannel sending invoices and bank transfers with the billing solutions form AddComm.


The financial inbox within Internet Banking. Send all of your post digitally to your customers. Read more about FiNBOX from AddComm.


Faster payment processing with DigiAccept, the practical digital bank transfer via e-mail: pay at the click of a button.  Read more about DigiAccept from AddComm.

AddComm continually develops new, innovative solutions for very specific problems:


For pension funds, AddComm has developed a unique method of distribution for the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) through which clients can receive their UPO via print, mail or FiNBOX. Read more about AddComm's solution for the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO).

'Waste collection calendar'

With its tailored waste guidelines AddComm provides increased flexibility for local authorities and a better overview for citizens. Read more about the personalised Waste collection calendar from AddComm.