Make all of your incoming post digitally available or automatically process the reply cards for a DM campaign. No problem when you use the AddComm scanning service.

With AddComm you will find the solutions you require for multichannel communication. Not only for outgoing correspondence, but also incoming.

Scanning print and mail replies via a barcode

The barcode scanning service is an ideal addition to your DM campaigns through Print & Mail and Web2Connect via AddComm. Clients or prospects can send back a reply card with a unique barcode to our PO Box address. We use the barcode scanning service to gather the replies, scan the barcodes and show you the customers' reactions through a handy online tool.

Scanning documents for your document management and archive

With DocMinds from AddComm your organisation will have access to a powerful digital document management system. Both for outgoing communication via multichannel and incoming post. AddComm's document scanning service can make all of your paper documents available in digital form and - even more importantly - easy to find!