Online archiving

Digital access to all of your documents for your employees via an easy to use portal. Online publication of your invoices and letters via a secure web space for your clients. You can do all this with online archiving.

AddComm offers a range of options for saving and accessing your documents digitally, both for your employees and your clients. This can be done in combination with other distribution channels, using one system.

Structure your document flow with DocMinds

Does your organisation send out a lot of correspondence? Then you can structure your communication with DocMinds, AddComm's powerful document management system. Send all of your letters and mailings through one system. Via print and mail, and also via digital media like e-mail, online archiving and web presentation.

EZ-Bill, your multichannel pallet of payment options

Every customer has their own preferred way of paying. With EZ-Bill via AddComm you can offer your customers the whole range of payment methods, using one transparent system. Physically via the bank transfer through print and mail, and digitally with FiNBOX and DigiAccept via web presentation or e-mail. It also includes a reminder service via SMS.