FiNBOX is the financial inbox within the internet banking facility where customers can pay their bills and bank transfers and also receive other financial post like wage slips, pension details and policy documents. Every document received via FiNBOX is then safely stored for up to seven years by the organisation that sent it and can be accessed throughout that period via internet banking.

FiNBOX is an initiative of ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. It has been developed to meet the customer's need for one single inbox for their invoices. This also means that printing, sending and administration costs are greatly reduced.


EZ-Bill, your multichannel pallet of payment options

Every customer has their own preferred way of paying. With EZ-Bill via AddComm you can offer your customers the whole range of payment methods, using one transparent system. Physically via the bank transfer through print and mail, and digitally with FiNBOX and DigiAccept via web presentation or e-mail. It also includes a reminder service via SMS.