New Record: AddComm sends over 15 million digital bank transfers in one year

In 2012, AddComm sent more than 15 million digital bank transfers on behalf of its clients. This year we expect this figure to rise to 25 million DigiAccepts. That makes us by far the market leader in the Netherlands.

The convenience offered by our innovative payment concept DigiAccept plays a very important role in this development. The customer is sent an invoice by e-mail accompanied by a bank transfer. Payment can then be executed very easily via iDeal, which automatically stores details like the bank account number and amount. Typing in this information again and again - with all its inherent risks - is a thing of the past. The benefits of DigiAccept to the sender are also very obvious: shorter payment times, lower payment costs.

Total package seals the deal

The success of DigiAccept doesn't come down to convenience alone. The total package of services that we offer also plays a role. An increasing number of organisations - such as, and more than 500 other web shops - have decided to outsource their 'invoices including bank transfers' to us. With our multichannel concept we offer an extensive range of options for sending a data file, both digitally and by post. If a digital invoice should happen to bounce, then a paper bank transfer is sent immediately by post. We also take care of other requirements, such as adding the client's own design to the invoice, looking after the printing process and sending everything by post. We can also send invoices digitally through your customer's internet banking facility using FiNBOX integration.

Tailor-made invoicing

AddComm offers a wide range of modern payment methods. You can use one single system to structure all of your invoicing and offer your clients the method of payment that suits them best. Some customers will always want to stick with the traditional paper invoice and bank transfer. But the part covered by DigiAccept is set to increase spectacularly.

Interested in what DigiAccept can do for you? Feel free to contact us at +31 (0)33 454 9000.