FiNBOX set to take off

Press release from Bluem and AddComm

As of today, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank will be offering their customers the option of receiving and saving their account details and paying their bills within internet banking. This new financial inbox within the internet banking facility is called FiNBOX. FiNBOX is the new name for the Digital invoice.

We have recently launched a mass media campaign aimed at introducing FiNBOX to customers. Rieko Kester from Bluem: "FiNBOX is a unique product with unlimited potential. It allows customers to have all their bills and documents stored digitally in one place and at the same time allowing access to them for a period of 7 years. Thanks to the campaign, FiNBOX is bound to take off in a big way!" Ludolf van der Veen from AddComm adds: "Secure storage of your bank transfers and other financial documents in a secure internet banking facility is actually a very logical step. We already had this idea when we set up Bluem in 2000, but the market wasn't quite ready for it back then. Since then however, the playing field has changed and this has been confirmed by the enormous growth in digital services."

FiNBOX is a 'digital letterbox' within the internet banking facility where customers can pay their bills and bank transfers and also receive other financial mail like wage slips, pension details and policy documents. Every document received via FiNBOX is then safely stored for up to seven years by the organisation that sent it and can be accessed throughout that period via internet banking.

Many people in the Netherlands are now using internet banking and an increasing number of customers now pay their invoices this way. Electronic mail is also gaining rapidly in popularity among businesses, government agencies and institutions. All of the above-mentioned services are combined in FiNBOX. Via FiNBOX, and within internet banking, the customer's financial mail is all sent to one location and this can be combined with options for paying bills if required. The customer receives a notification of any new mail in their internet banking account. It is all very user-friendly and transparent for the customer.

We are able to connect clients very quickly thanks to our many years of experience as a billing service provider. We are also able to offer customers a wide range of options, ranging from the physical to the most modern digital channels. Bluem is the market leader for the FiNBOX service and has already connected hundreds of clients from a wide variety of sectors, including ABN AMRO Pension fund, ABN AMRO Salarisstroken, Abonnementenland, ADP Payroll Services, CZ, Delta, De Goudse, Fa-med, Generali, Municipality of Eindhoven, Municipality of Tilburg, HCC, KNHS, T-Mobile and Volkshuisvesting Arnhem. And the number of clients will grow rapidly over the coming months! Ready to join in?