AfvalWijzer is an enormous success

The addition of the waste collection calendar app to the multichannel communication for the waste collection calendar has been an enormous success. In the past month, no fewer than 27 Dutch municipalities introduced the waste collection calendar in their area. A number of local authorities in Belgium also followed suit.

The waste collection calendar app developed by AddComm results in cost reductions and more sustainable communication with citizens. The number of 'paper' waste collection calendars that need to be printed and distributed, for example, has declined dramatically. The app also helps achieve a more efficient collection strategy by offering more convenience to citizens. For example, the user can activate an automatic alarm on their smartphone on the days when the collection of particular types of waste is scheduled. The local authority can also communicate with its citizens via push-messages. When a number of collection routes had to be cancelled last January because of heavy snowfall, the residents in those areas were informed immediately via the app.

Reducing the burden on municipalities

AddComm reduces the burden placed on those municipalities participating in the programme by way of sending personalised waste collection calendars, a special waste collection calendar website and personalisation of the waste collection calendar app. If you would like more information about multichannel communication for the waste collection calendar, please call us at +31 (0)33 - 45 49 000.