Direct Marketing

Greater impact and response with multichannel direct marketing

Some people prefer to receive a personal letter, while others prefer an e-mail, text message, webpage or an extensive information package. You can get the most out of these options by using AddComm's multichannel direct marketing. By fine-tuning your message, timing and communication method to the demands of your target group you can greatly increase the level of response. Multichannel is simply a must for effective direct marketing these days.

You can use our user-friendly web application Web2Connect to get the most out of all of the communication channels through your own database via multichannel. From addresses and design to communication channels and production: You can manage them all online and stay constantly up-to-date on their status.

Benefits of multichannel direct marketing

  • Act according to the preferences of your target group
  • One system for all communication channels
  • Increase marketing effectiveness
  • Shorter start-up times
  • Be in control at all times
  • Transparent price model

Why not try it out and discover the benefits of multichannel direct marketing? Contact us for more information, a quote or for a pilot project at +31 (0)33-454 9000