Customer communication

Communicate in a personal and tailor-made manner with multichannel customer communication

The modern consumer demands personal information that suits their needs, at the time they wish to receive it and via their preferred method. Physically via print and mail or digitally via e-mail, SMS, web presentation or even an app. This means that every client receives the information they require in a personal document. High-quality customer contact that results in high levels of satisfaction and loyalty. The unique know-how and systems at AddComm can achieve this for you.

An existing example of communication, such as an invoice or a reminder, can also be enriched using multichannel communication. You can use our flexible solutions to add a simple marketing message, which can turn every communication moment into a marketing channel.

Benefits of multichannel customer communication

  • Customer-friendly personalised information
  • Tailor-made communication: Both print and digital
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Fewer customer queries
  • Lower costs
  • Perfect integration with your IT environment

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