AddComm helps companies and organisations get the most out of their database and business relations using effective and interactive communication, as well as the right channels. A number of major institutions including AfterPay, CZ, Municipality of Harderwijk, LaSer and the SNS Bank have already adopted this approach.


The credit provider LaSer Nederland receives thousands of applications for consumer credit from the shop floor every week. Both the shop owner and the consumers prefer immediate answers. Thanks to a network of smart connections and the use of multichannel communication, LaSer is now capable of assessing such claims within 10 minutes and sending a contract to the shop's printer or fax machine right away.  Read more


The ambition of AfterPay has no boundaries. In the new standard for online payments of debts, trust and convenience are equally important when it comes to online shopping. As opposed to buying something in an actual store, with online shopping paying and delivery do not take place at the same time.   Read more

SNS Bank

Our aim was to remain in control of our marketing campaigns, while saving some time on the set-up. Many of our campaigns are repeated with only minor adjustments, for example in the interest rates. So we wanted to be able to make those small adjustments ourselves. Web2Connect has enabled us to do just that  Read more

Municipality of Harderwijk

The municipality of Harderwijk wanted to personalise its waste collection calendar. The aim was clear communication, fewer questions from residents and more flexibility in the organisation of efficient waste collection. The new personalised waste collection calendar has made all of this possible.   Read more


“With the digital invoice we saw an opportunity to provide an extra service to clients and to cut down on costs.” The digital invoice has simplified the invoicing process. Bank transfers can now be provided in a digital version through the client’s internet banking facility.   Read more


Our aim was to make 80% of invoices digital within 12 months. If there’s one retail organisation that is miles ahead in the digital revolution, then it’s This former mail order company, which was synonymous with the thick paper catalogue, has transformed itself into the largest online retailer in the Netherlands.   Read more