Faster payment and more client contact

With DigiAccept, the digital bank transfer by e-mail, your clients are able to pay you more promptly and therefore reduce your costs.  At the same time, DigiAccept enables you to draw your clients' attention to relevant information by creating an extra instance of comunication. The design and content of DigiAccept is entirely up to you. 

Automated sending process

DigiAccept has the unique quality of being able to work automatically together with other payment methods, such as the Digital Invoice and bank transfers. This means that you can send all of your invoices from one database through a range of channels. You decide how you want to use DigiAccept: as a payment method in its own right, as a preferred method or as a follow-up to non-payment. In the event that an e-mail cannot be sent through DigiAccept, because of an incorrect address or full inbox, the invoice can still be sent through other channels (by post, for example). This ensures minimal delays in your invoicing process.

DigiAccept as automatic follow-up to non-payment

Save on payment times by using DigiAccept as your standard follow-up in case of non-receipt of payment. You will save yourself the time and effort involved in creating new database files and can offer the client the option of paying using a different bank account. 

DigiAccept as preferred method

Despite the ease of payment offered by DigiAccept, some clients will still only pay after receiving a reminder. Others are unable to pay via DigiAccept because they do not have a (valid) e-mail address. For both these cases, a reminder or a second bank transfer will function as a kind of automatic safety net.

The benefits to you of DigiAccept

  • Send all of your payment requests through one database
  • Use your own design
  • Savings on printing, production and postage costs
  • No time wasted on tracking and correcting administrative mistakes thanks to the pre-coded payment information
  • Real-time tracking using a special web application of the DigiAccept payment status
  • Option of targeted non-payment follow-up
  • Suitable for clients with internet banking from ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Fortis, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank and SNS Regio Bank.

Choose for ease, simplicity and security.

Follow the lead taken by many other organisations and make DigiAccept your choice, the largest provider for digital bank transfers. For more information, contact us at or call +31 (0)33 - 454 9000.