About AddComm

AddComm. We multichannel your messages

How can you ensure effective communication? It is a matter of finding the right combination between message, timing and medium. AddComm provides integrated solutions for multichannel communication with your clients. The benefits? Faster communication and response times, lower costs and, most importantly, greater effect.

Achieve more through multichannel communication

One-to-one communication with your client, subscriber or prospect. Personal and focused service using the means which best suits the situation and the client. This way, your message receives more attention, which will allow you to make the most of your communication.

AddComm makes multichannel communication possible. We do this by using a unique package of user-friendly online tools and high-quality services, both for production and for sending personalised messages. By means of direct mail, invoices, summaries and all other forms of communication with your clients and business relations. We make sure that these services take place at the right time and use those channels that best fit their needs. Such as print and post, or digital means like e-mail, SMS, FiNBOX, DigiAccept, web presentation and online archiving

Innovative, transparent and genuine

AddComm combines its knowledge of multichannel communication with high-end innovation and 100% document integrity. This way you're in control at all times.

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Proven in practice

With AddComm you can get the most from your database and your prospects, clients, members or benefactors.

Institutions like AfterPay, CZ, Municipality of Harderwijk, LaSer and SNS Bank can testify our strengths.
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